Get More for Your Car in 90 SecondsTM

Set your asking price and watch hundreds of buyer's compete for your trade-in or lease return in a 90 second competition! OpenTrade technology is America's #1 way to get you the maximum value for your trade-in or lease return.

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How it works

Sell or trade-in your vehicle and get maximum value for your trade-in with the nation's #1 trade-in or lease-return car selling service. When buyers compete, you win.

Step1Schedule Your Appointment

Bring your vehicle to the closest OpenTrade Center or call us today to schedule your appointment

Find an OpenTrade Center near you.

Step2We Inspect Your Vehicle

OpenTrade specialists collect details and take photos of your vehicle. Our thorough inspections give buyers on OpenTrade confidence to pay you the most for
your car.

Step3You Set Your Asking Price

The OpenTrade specialist will guide you through your vehicle's estimated value along with your inspection.
YOU will then set the asking price.

Step4Watch Buyers Compete For
Your Vehicle

Watch as hundreds of buyers compete for your vehicle in a 90 second competition on our LiveBuyerTM map. Get the absolute best price for your vehicle.

Step5Get Paid On The Spot

Get paid on the spot or use your vehicle's value as a trade-in to lower your monthly lease or loan payments.

Schedule Your Appointment And Get More Today!

When buyers compete you get more. Schedule your appointment with OpenTrade today and get the most for your trade-in. Fill out the form below or call us at 1-800-553-9993.

NOTE: By providing your information above, you agree that an OpenTrade representative may call and/or text you about your trade-in, a vehicle purchase, for marketing/sales purposes, or for any other servicing or informational purpose related to your account.

What People Are Saying

See What People
Are Saying

Hear what other happy customers have to say about our service!

Angel D

If you are stuck with a car that has been causing you headaches, then come down to OpenTrade Cerritos! They provide the upmost customer service with a detailed analysis of your vehicle, car fax report, and pricing information to make selling your car an exciting experience. I thought I had no hope selling my vehicle since it was nearly a junk car, but they made sure to get me the highest price! I highly recommend if you are in the market to sell your vehicle, always give OpenTrade a chance to help! Will be recommending to family and friends!

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What if I owe more on my car than the amount the car sells for?
How long does the whole process take?
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