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More Money
We get you more by cutting out the middleman and having buyers compete.
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OpenTrade has sold more than 180K
cars by getting customers top dollar.
Offers Per Car
Why settle for one offer? Our customers receive over 30 offers per car on average.
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Heather M. Los Angeles, CA

“It was super quick being able to come in and walk out with a check in hand”

“The pin bouncing from location to location and seeing who was bidding for
  my car was really cool”

“The offer surpassed any of the competitors”

Sold her 2021 Kia Sorento
another happy OpenTrade customer that watched buyers compete for her car
play button to watch OpenTrade video on how to get the most money for your car
Lisa F. Los Angeles, CA

“Once the auction started I was sitting in front of a very large screen with a big map”

“The price went up and up and up and up”

“I put $21,000 as my asking price and we got $22,900”

Sold her 2014 Infiniti G37

Fast& Easy

Our goal is to get you in and out in under an hour with as much money as possible.

CarGrade Condition Report
Your car receives a CarGrade Condition Report backed by our 100% guarantee so buyers competing for your car have the confidence to pay you top dollar.
customers love 5 star highly rated OpenTrade car selling service
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Leigh B

This is a GREAT company. Sold my car for considerably more than the best offer I got from Carvana, Truecar or Driveway. And holy cow was it fast and easy. Whole process took a little less an hour. Don't sell or trade your car in until you talk to these guys. Couldn't be happier! My Analyst was especially great.

yelp loves OpenTrade five star service
person showing excitement for selling their car with OpenTrade for the highest price

Anthony G

I had initially got a car quote with Carvana that I was not super thrilled about and decided to give OpenTrade a try. They were quick to respond, professional and answered every question I had at every step of the way. I drove down the next day I was available and was able to auction my car for double what Carvana quoted me at. Thanks again for the assistance!

yelp loves OpenTrade five star service
person that sold their car with OpenTrade for more money

Paola L

I walked into OpenTrade extremely skeptical, but left ecstatic since I got more money than Carmax for my like-new Jeep. The whole team had a great attitude so you really can't go wrong with who helps you. I quickly realized they are truly looking for your best interest so you can get the most for your car. This company developed a software that is literally the future of selling cars. Truly, I am not exaggerating, this experience made my Friday!

yelp loves OpenTrade five star service
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Enter your car information to get an estimate and schedule your 90 second auction. It's 100% free.

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At OpenTrade, our goal is to get you as much money for your car as possible while giving you the best customer experience. We strive to maintain the ultimate in transparency for both you and the buyer while keeping everybody smiling. Come have fun with us and get more!

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What can I expect during my appointment?
  • 20 minutes - We take high-res pictures of your car and put together an CarGrade condition report for you and the 5,000+ buyers in our network.
  • 15 minutes - Buyers are notified and get ready to make you offers while you review your Carfax, Kelly Blue Book, and CarGrade condition reports with us.
  • 5 minutes - Set your minimum asking price and minutes later your car is cued up for a 90 second competition.
  • 90 SECONDS! - Watch on a big screen as buyers compete live for your car in an auction-style competition. HERE'S WHERE WE HOPE YOU GET MORE THAN YOU ASKED FOR!
  • 15 minutes - We pay you on the spot and complete your DMV paperwork. IT'S THAT EASY!
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